About Us

MORADABAD’s GOT TALENT, a talent hunt has built its reputation as a revolutionary concept in the field of talent hunt on the grass-root level. Started in 2019 MGT scoops out the hidden talent in the streets of India. Moradabad city being an Export Hub, from the state of Uttar Pradesh, is renowned for its artifacts in metals like brass, aluminum, and steel. And now MGT takes it to another level of popularity for discovering the Gold of talent. Enjoy a mobile slots free bonus

MGT is at the helm of enterprising and magnifying the talents lost in small-towns or unknown streets of the big cities. It is one of its kind to pave its way too farfetched villages and towns which are deprived of paved roads and sometimes even electricity.

MGT is held in November every year, in three stages, auditions, semifinals and Grand Finale on 14th of November. The general selection process format follows where contestants audition in front of three judges. Up until the semifinal and final rounds, the judges decide whether or not a contestant advances in the competition. Every contestant gets 90 seconds to demonstrate their acts. MGT has no bounds for what type of talents to be displayed. From acrobatics to calisthenics, from dance formats to singing styles, from tongue twisters to mimicry all talents, ages, genders get a platform to showcase their skills

Filming for each season always takes place from Auditions to Finale. Auditions have minimum 45 acts to go forward to the Semifinals. Judges provide feedback after every performance. Judges’ discretion is applicable to stop the act at any time and to even extend the act by a few seconds. There is a Golden Buzzer for the judges to acknowledge extraordinary performances from Auditions to Semifinals. Wildcard entries to the Semifinals are also a hidden provision on the absolute discretion of the judges. Acts which fail to impress the judges are eliminated from the competition at any stage they want.